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Managed Matching
Our hiring approach focuses on finding
providers who are the best long-term fit for your clinic

Find a Telepsychiatrist
We believe the best providers are
those that are the right fit for you.

We present a
matched provider
to clinics
of the time.

A Simplified Hiring Process
Work with your Clinic Partnerships Manager to find
a telepsychiatrist who meets your clinics needs in 3 easy steps.

Meet with your Telepsychiatry Guide to discuss your clinical needs

Review a Provider Profile
Review a detailed profile for a potential Psychiatrist or APRN before moving forward

Get to know your options
Speak directly with each Psychiatrist & APRN to align during a matching call

Factors we consider
during the hiring process:





Genoa Telepsychiatry in Indiana

In Indiana, Genoa Telepsychiatry operates telepsychiatry programs for CMHCs, FQHCs, primary care groups, and substance use treatment facilities. Here are a few of our partnering organizations we are currently serving:

For more information on telepsychiatry in Indiana, visit the state page here.

Deliver Quality Care
Our approach is designed to find the highest quality psychiatric providers for your patients.

Our programs lead to a


Patient Satisfaction Score

Contact Morgan White to learn more about starting a telepsychiatry program at your clinic.

Morgan White


Phone: 904.252.6693